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Rebeca Mojica, chainmaille jewelry artist

Rebeca Mojica bio

Rebeca Mojica is an award-winning jewelry artist, instructor and best-selling author who has been designing chainmaille jewelry since 2002. With her striking use of color and innovative designs, she strives to push the limits of what is commonly thought of as chainmaille. She has heavily influenced the industry by introducing new weaves and designs that have inspired hundreds of artisans all over the world.

She is the founder of Blue Buddha Boutique, an instructional chainmaille supplies that has helped customers all over the world create beautiful jewelry. Her book, CHAINED: Create Gorgeous Jewelry One Ring at a Time, has sold more than 40,000 copies.

Most recently, Rebeca partnered with toy manufacturer Neat-Oh! International to create Linkt Craft Kits, the first line of chainmaille jewelry kits for ages 8 and up. The line received multiple awards in its first year, including Best Toys for Kids and the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award.

Rebeca's micromaille necklace Poseidon's Embrace was a 3rd place winner in the Finished Jewelry category of the international Bead Dreams 2009 competition—marking the first time a chainmaille design was juried into the finals. In 2014 the same necklace won first place in the Jewelry category of the inagural Craftys Awards.  In 2013, her Chainmaille Mandala won People's Choice in the Bead Dreams competition. Rebeca's work has appeared in local and national media including The Huffington Post, Art Jewelry Magazine, The Crafts Report, The Chicago Tribune and The New York Times.

Rebeca teaches chainmaille locally and at a select number of international bead/gem shows and out-of-state crafting shops. She has created many tutorials for making chainmaille jewelry through Blue Buddha Boutique to teach others this craft

When she is not weaving maille or running the business, Rebeca enjoys, powerlifting, cuddling with her cats and contemplating quantum physics and fractal cosmology.

Artist StatementRebeca Mojica

I have always been a tactile person, so it is not surprising that I was drawn to the ancient art of chainmaille. As soon as I made my first piece—a belt—I realized it was incredibly soothing to link together ring after ring and watch a pattern unfold. At the time, I imagined I would do more beadwork or metalsmithing, because that is what I saw around me. But I could not deny my love for maille. With no experts around to teach me, I began exploring this relatively untapped medium on my own.

Chainmaille is a marriage between mathematics and free-form shape, between right- and left-brain talents. I'm fascinated that a single shape can be put together in so many ways, yielding virtually an infinite number of textures and patterns. I absolutely love picking up a piece of chainmaille and feeling its very distinct personality come to life in my fingers. By using colored rings and combining classic weaves in new ways, I try to erase people's preconceived notions of chainmaille. When I hear someone say, "Wow! I didn't know chainmaille could do that!", then I know I've succeeded.

I love that I can help other people express themselves through chainmaille. Whether someone has a bold or minimalist style, gothic or boho, classic or edgy, I can create something that makes them feel beautiful and empowered.

People often tell me, "You must have so much patience." But when you do something you love, patience doesn't even enter the picture. This truly is my passion, my love.

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