Join Rebeca for chainmaille classes this summer! 

In addition to scheduled classes, Rebeca sets aside time for private and customized small group lessons. These sessions are a great way to learn this artform by focusing on only the projects you'd like and moving at the perfect pace for you. If you're interested in booking one-on-one or small group sessions, please see details on the services page.

"I especially love teaching people who say they aren't creative," Rebeca says, "Because, at the end of the class, they're staring in amazement at the beautiful item they just made, and I can see the profound mental shift that has taken place. Moving from "I can't" to "OMG, I did the thing and it came out great!" is empowering and impactful. The confidence-boost trickles over into other areas of their lives. I love that I can help people get to that place." 



Rebeca's supplies company, Blue Buddha Boutique (B3), offers dozens of DIY jewelry kits in a variety of her signature stunning colorways. B3's easy-to-follow instructions make this 3,000-year-old artform accessible to people of all skill levels. 

banner reads "Create Wearable Art With Our DIY Kits & Instructions" at top left. Multiple images depict, from left to right: several piles of brown, silver, black and grey jump rings, plus symbol, 5 pages of colorful step-by-step instructions and a computer screen showing a how-to video with an added illustration of an animated jump ring wearing a hard hat and gripping a pair of pliers, equals symbol, an intricate diamond shaped pendant in black, grey, brown and silver. The pendant is labeled as Celtic Filigree, Intermediate.


To make your own chainmaille jewelry, please browse the Blue Buddha Boutique shop on Etsy for current offerings.