Rebeca is passionate about building people up and empowering everyone to tap into their potential.

She's at her happiest and most creative when she stays busy doing a variety of tasks, as is evident from her diverse portfolio of experiences––from writing a best-selling book to launching a $1M business to deadlifting twice her bodyweight to performing a piano duet in Chicago's Grant Park and more.

Because Rebeca's interests are all over the place, she especially loves working with similar I-want-to-do-all-the-things people, especially those who are bogged down with wanting to do SO many things, they have no idea where to start and are stuck in their own brains.

Rebeca embraces problem-solving and helping people figure out how to make the most with what they have.

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Fees & Cancellation

Payment is due in advance for teaching and consulting services. 

One-on-one teaching and consulting services are $75/hr. Purchase 4 hours at once for a rate of $50/hr. (You don't have to schedule all sessions at once; you just need to purchase them at once, and then can schedule individual hourly sessions at your convenience.)

Individual sessions are a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 2.5 hours.

Group chainmaille lessons–in which 2 or more people all learn the same weave–can also be arranged. Payment for the entire group must be made at once. Rates are:

2 people $90/hour ($45 each)
3 people $108/hr ($36 each)
4 people $120/hr ($30 each)
5 people
$125/hr ($25 each)
each additional student (up to a maximum of 12 students total) $25/hr each


Proofreading services depend upon scope of project; please complete the form below for a quote. Moving help is offered at $45/hr.

There are no refunds. For individual sessions, you’ll get full credit toward future sessions if you cancel by email or phone at least 48 hours in advance of our session. If you cancel within the 48 hour time frame, there is no credit. If one person in a group session cannot make it, no credit is offered; you can, however, offer the seat to a different attendee. Or, with at least 48 hours notice, you can reschedule the entire group session.

The clock starts at the agreed upon time; if you arrive late, the session will still end at the agreed upon end time. For online sessions, we recommend joining a few minutes early in case you encounter any technological difficulties or need to download a software update.


Ready to work with Rebeca Mojica? Let us know what you'd like below, and if it's a good fit we'll get back to you with payment and scheduling information. Rebeca looks forward to helping you conquer your goals!