Whether you need help with a particular chainmaille pattern, or you're an artisan looking to make money by teaching your craft, or you simply need accountability and motivation to get to the gym, Rebeca's one-on-one sessions can give you the tools you need. Browse her extensive list of offerings below.  If there's something you'd like that's not listed, but you've got an inkling Rebeca is the perfect person to help, please reach out, because sometimes that is exactly how magic happens!


Private & small group chainmaille lessons


Having trouble wrapping your brain around a particular chainmaille weave? Wondering about materials and ring sizes? Would you like to make an inlay, but have no idea where to start? Let Rebeca help! Since 2002, she's taught thousands of students, and thanks to technology, you can now learn directly from her via Zoom from the comfort of your own home. If you'd like, your lesson can be recorded and available for replay/downloading for 60 days after your session. 

Areas of focus:

  • creating jewelry weaves from start to finish (see Blue Buddha Boutique for examples of projects)*
  • understanding aspect ratio
  • buying materials/supplies
  • creating beautiful color palettes based on the supplies you have
  • troubleshooting and helping you finish your projects

*Each 1-hour session that focuses on jewelry weaves includes PDF instructions from Blue Buddha Boutique for 1 project, if available. Rebeca knows many weaves, but not all of them, so please be sure to indicate what you'd like to learn for before purchasing. If you would like to learn a specific design you found online, please obtain permission from the designer beforehand; Rebeca will only teach someone else's design with their explicit approval. 

All students in a group session must learn the same weave; should you wish to tackle different patterns, please sign up individually for one-on-one sessions.

Computer monitor displaying a screenshoot of zoom session featuring 1 window with Rebeca Mojica's hands demonstrating a weave, another window showing Rebeca's face and a third window with a silhouette and the word "You." Grey text above reads "chainmaille classes from the comfort of your own home."



Instructor Training

Teaching others your craft can be lucrative and extremely rewarding. Rebeca can work with you to get your instructional crafts business off the ground and help alleviate any first-day jitters around teaching.  Established instructors can brainstorm high-level tactics, or troubleshoot specific scenarios, to help elevate their teaching to new levels. 

"As an elementary school teacher, I was excited to see that a lot of [Blue Buddha Boutique's] teaching advice aligned with real pedagogical practices, with a focus on making chainmaille accessible to as many people as possible. The program equipped me not only to teach at B3, but to create an after school program where I worked, to bring chainmaille to the next generation." –Deborah S., Chicago IL





Running a crafts business has particular challenges, from managing inventory to marketing to avoiding creative burnout. Does it sometimes feel like you have no idea what you're doing? Do you wish you had someone to bounce ideas off of? Do you wish you had a better handle on organizing your schedule? Are you considering hiring someone and maybe freaking out about it a little?  

Having grown a creative business from scratch to $1M+ in annual revenue, and being a voracious consumer of business books and courses, Rebeca has accumulated a wealth of experience and loves sharing what she's learned. She has a particular passion for leadership consulting and working with crafty entrepreneurs to transform them into extraordinary leaders. 

Areas of focus:

  • hiring your first employee; onboarding and training new team members
  • building and leading a highly engaged and dedicated team
  • setting up systems to scale your business
  • feeding your creative soul while managing the business side of things
  • running a business while managing chronic illness




Whether you'd like to learn a new instrument, create a diet you can stick with for life, run a marathon, or simply start an exercise routine that you enjoy, Rebeca can work with you to help identify barriers and "hack your habits" to set you on the path to success. Rebeca isn't an out-of-touch overachiever with no idea what it's like to struggle. Yes, she's ambitious and accomplished; she also manages health conditions, fends off depression and is a caregiver for multiple loved ones. Learning how to balance all that she does, while still taking care of herself, was a years-long journey. She's often had to develop new habits and new ways of doing things as she's evolved, and is familiar with adapting to ever-changing environments. Rebeca draws upon her studies in cognitive neuroscience to create routines and systems that the human brain is primed to thrive on. She'd love to help you find the unique tools that you need–based on your learning style, your personality and your goals–to take a big, intimidating goal and check it off your list.





It always helps to have a second set of eyes. Do you have a blog post, newsletter, tutorial, or instruction manual you'd like to publish? With a BSJ from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism, and as an author of a best-selling how-to manual, Rebeca loves helping make sure your ideas are conveyed clearly and concisely. She specializes in practical how-to tutorials and blog posts that deliver empowering messages. Her eagle eye will spot typos, and she can help hone your message for maximum impact.





Tutoring (1.5 hr or 2hr sessions)
7th-12th grade reading/writing/SAT/ACT verbal test prep

In the past 2 decades, Rebeca has worked with students with diverse learning styles and skills to increase pre-college standardized test scores, including increases from 13 to 20 and from 29 to 35 (a near-perfect score) on the ACT. In addition, she's led multiple onboarding programs at established tutoring agencies, training dozens of tutors in California and Illinois.


Tutoring sessions can be booked for 90-minutes or 2 hours. In order to see effective results, a minimum of 4 sessions are required for standardized test tutoring; the first session must occur at least 2 months prior to test day. Students are required to take practice tests on their own and must purchase specific study materials.




Moving Help
If you're in the LA area and need some muscle, Rebeca's got you covered. She's actually nostalgic about the "college years" when friends would regularly need help running boxes up and down 3 flights of stairs. Some call it torture; for Rebeca, it's fun!

Specific service areas: Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Melrose, Fairfaix, Beverly Grove and Laurel Canyon.



Ready to work with Rebeca Mojica? Let us know what you'd like below, and if it's a good fit we'll get back to you with payment and scheduling information.