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statement bib necklace in teal, green, pale yellow and brown with text Win a $350 Gift Card


When you create + share a wishlist
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$350 GIFT CARD toward in-stock items on your wishlist on

Items in Specialty/One of a Kind are excluded. For all other items, yes, the winner has the option of picking their own custom colors! Rad!


A winner from all eligible wishlist account owners will be randomly selected on Sunday, February 14, 2021.


1. Make a wishlist of at least three in-stock items by clicking the heart icon (❤) next to each item you want.

2. Create an account on our site to save your wishlist. This is the only way we can track your wishlist to select a winner so be sure to complete this step! Create an account here.

3. Share your wishlist on at least one social media platform.

  • Use hashtag #rebecamojica and/or #rebecamojicajewelry and/or tag @rebecamojicajewelry. 
  • Note: If you're using a forum that isn't part of the wishlist share system or one in which linking to URLs is difficult (for instance, Instagram), then just share a a screenshot of your wishlist, or share a pic of an item from your wishlist and mention that you have a wishlist in your post.
  • If you share using a story feature, meaning your post disappears after 24 hours, you MUST take a screenshot (per the fine print below).


SAVE and SHARE your wishlist on social between February 3 2021 and February 13 at 11:59PM PST (Use hashtag #rebecamojica and/or #rebecamojicajewelry and/or tag @rebecamojicajewelry so that we see your post)


  • Wishlist must be associated with a customer account.
  • One wishlist entry per customer. Multiple wishlists from the same customer are invalid.
  • We will check to make sure the winner shared their wishlist. If we cannot find a post on social, we'll reach out and ask the winner to provide a link/tag/screenshot so we can verify the share and verify that the share occurred before the deadline of February 13 at 11:59 pm.
  • Gift card cannot be used in conjunction with any other sale or promotion, as only one code can be entered during checkout.
  • Gift card is valid for merchandise on only and is not cash redeemable.
  • Winner may choose to customize colors for regularly stocked designs, however this gift card cannot be used toward a commissioned design. (In other words: swapping colors is perfectly fine, creating a new design is not allowed.)
  • Gift card amount does not expire and may be used over multiple orders until the balance reaches zero.
    * By Monday, February 15, 2021, we will notify the winner via the email address used to create the Rebeca Mojica Jewelry account associated with the Wishlist.
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