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Celestial Swirl Pendant


Select the length of your chain.

Include custom colors, sizes and any other relevant information or questions you have. Additional charges may apply depending upon the scope of the customization.


Vibrant rings swirl outward from the pendant's center in an intricate dance of color and texture. Because the pendant is primarily aluminum, it is extremely lightweight (approx 1/2 oz including chain) and can comfortably be worn all day. The Celestial Swirl pendant measures 1.5" across. It looks slightly different on each face and can be worn in either direction. Original design by Rebeca Mojica.

Aluminum on stainless steel chain with stainless steel lobster claw clasp. Select a standard colorway as shown, or choose the "CUSTOM" option and then list your color and design preferences in the space provided. Select your color scheme and desired chain length from the drop-down menu. You can choose to add an optional 2" extender which will allow you to clasp the chain at 1" or 2" beyond your original length. When selecting a custom color option, expect to receive an email within two business days to confirm the details of your order. Please continue reading below for more information.

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Most bespoke designs (particularly the colorways listed in the drop-down menu) can be completed within a matter of days, however some may take up to 3 weeks should supplies need to be ordered to complete your design. Feel free to email me before purchasing if you need your jewelry by a specific date.

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COLORS: Due to dye lots as well as different computer screen settings, the color of your piece may vary from what you see in the swatch chart. Please message me before purchasing if you are looking to match a very specific color. 

CUSTOM color combinations: Refer to the color chart image for color options. It is helpful if you are open to a few different combinations, as not all colors are always available (at the same time, I often have multiple hues on hand for certain colors). The photo depicting the trio of black and white pendants shows how the position of dark and light hues affects the look of the pendant—if you have a preference, be sure to let me know. Otherwise, I'll combine the colors as I see fit, guided by my artistic muse. 


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