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This chainmaille pendant joins two sizes of links to create a futuristic-looking dodecahedron (a 12-sided figure). The links are made from square wire, creating a flat surface with sharp corners to better reflect the light and show off the intricate texture of this design. The square-wire dodecahedron feels particularly good in the hands; you will likely find yourself fidgeting with this pendant and rolling it around in your fingers throughout the day. 

This elegant pendant is meant to be worn long; the neck chain is permanently closed so you can slide the necklace over your head. However, you can choose to add an optional 4" adjustable extender (with a lobster claw clasp) which will allow you to clasp the chain at 2" or 4" beyond your original length. (This option is great if you live in a cooler climate and would like the option of layering the pendant over a thick and cosy sweater in the winter!). Necklace with 30" chain weighs approximately 1.2 oz.

Stainless steel links, chain and lobster claw clasp.  

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