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Feathered Warrior Necklace - Brown Metallic



The Feathered Warrior necklace combines two dramatic textures—a bold metal mesh and fluid "feathers" made of metal scales—resulting in a stunning and textured statement necklace. Even though this is a large piece, it only weighs 2 oz and you'll hardly realize you're wearing it (except for the gently clinking of the scales as you move). The Feathered Warrior necklace works best with a wide and low-cut top. The full-color scales are incredibly shiny; they catch the light and also reflect off each other as you move, creating a beautiful iridescence. When adding this item to your cart, keep in mind the lengths shown in the drop-down menu measure the top of the chain; the longest center strand hangs approximately 3.25" beyond that. Aluminum rings and "scales" with stainless steel chain and lobster claw clasp. 

This listing is for a BROWN METALLIC colorway - champagne rings with scales in champagne, light brown, dark brown, gold and gunmetal. 

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