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Knotted Metal Graduated Necklace - Flame Color



One of my most popular pieces, the Knotted Metal Graduated Necklace is mesmerizing to look at. Swirls of rings dance playfully around your neck as the color and size gradients give the piece added depth. Because this is made of aluminum, the necklace is surprisingly lightweight. Anodized Aluminum with a lobster claw clasp.

This listing is for a FLAME color fade (gold, orange and red). The necklace can be custom made in a variety of colors, or in a solid color (including solid gold- or silver-color). Please email me if you'd like a different colorway than Flame.

NOTE: The necklace will be adjustable in the back up to one inch shorter and one inch longer than the length you select. (If you prefer a non-adjustable necklace, please let me know.)

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