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From writing a best-selling book to launching a $1M business to deadlifting twice her bodyweight to performing a piano duet in Chicago's Grant Park to creating vegan, Auto-Immune Protocol recipes, to climbing a live volcano, to nannying in Germany, Rebeca has packed a lot of experiences into her life. After years of trying to narrow her focus because "that's what conventional wisdom tells us we're supposed to do," she's embracing her true nature as a multipotentialite.

She's at her happiest and most creative when she stays busy doing a variety of tasks. A common thread throughout most of her offerings is teaching. Rebeca is passionate about building people up and empowering everyone to tap into their potential. Browse all Rebeca’s offerings in the new Services section.

Note from Rebeca:
If you’re here for the pretty shines, there's plenty! All jewelry is handmade—one ring at a time—by me. :)
If you'd like a style in a colorway not yet shown, please feel free to request it. A large part of my business is filling custom requests. I find it very gratifying to make pieces that suit your color aesthetic perfectly.

If you're buying for someone else and want to make sure they get something they love, consider offering them a gift card. Gift cards are valid for both jewelry and services.

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