Use these galleries of anodized aluminum colors to create your dream palette. Because of fluctuations in dye lots and differences in screens, actual colors may vary.

Once you've found colors you like, submit a request to have a design made in a colorway especially for you.

Get inspired! See what other folks have customized in the Custom Color gallery.

  • Not all colors available in all link sizes.
  • The same color may differ across sizes. If it is significant enough that I feel it may negatively affect the design, I will let you know.
  • Neighboring shades are sometimes indistinguishable from one another. 
  • Occasionally a dye lot will be signficantly darker or lighter than the shade shown here.

Basic Colors

These are the core colors, typically available in every single link size I use.

The largest rings I use on a regular basis can be seen in the popular Swirl pendant (in the Knotted collection). The color options for that large size are limited to these basic colors.


Small and Medium Link Sizes

The small and medium links are used for most of the earring designs and some necklaces/pendants, such as the Knotted Diamond pendant. The large links used for the Large Knot earrings, Knotted bracelets, Knotted Graduated Necklace and Knotted V necklace are limited in color options, falling somewhere between the two galleries. 


Small Leaf Colors

The small leaves are used for the designs in the Leaves collection.


Large Leaf Colors

The large leaf is used in the Double Leaf earring design.



Ready to create your piece? Submit a request and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.