Founded in 2003, Rebeca Mojica Jewelry offers a colorful and tactile collection of jewelry designed to make you feel good and bring a smile to your face.


If you love expressing yourself through the ancient tradition of adornment and want a pair of earrings for every mood or outfit, we've got you covered. Our Pridemaille Collection is dedicated to everyone who wants to create a world where all humans feel free to express their identities.

We warmly invite you to come on in, put your feet up, and browse the shop to find the perfect piece of jewelry to help you express your true self.

Because every person is unique, Rebeca Mojica Jewelry is available in a variety of sizes for optimal comfort. Most pieces can be customized in some way, be it color, design or even an ear wire swap. Contact the artist with any customization requests you have. We'd love to make sure you get exactly the design that speaks to you.

"I love designing jewelry for individuals, because I know how hard it sometimes can be to find the perfect item. Before I started making my own jewelry, I had such a hard time finding mass-produced jewelry to fit my super-tiny wrists and fingers. Nor could I wear the big statement necklaces I wanted to, because neck issues made it impossible to wear anything substantial for more than a few minutes without headaches and back pain. So, believe me when I say I understand how important it is to design jewelry that is comfortable and well-fitting." -Rebeca


About the Artist

Rebeca Mojica showing off her craft show booth of chainmaille jewelry.

Rebeca Mojica is an award-winning jewelry artist, instructor and best-selling author who has been designing chainmaille jewelry since 2002. She is best known for vibrant color ombres as well as intricate, multi-layered patterns. She has heavily influenced the industry by introducing new weaves and designs that have inspired artisans all over the world. 

Rebeca is the founder of Blue Buddha Boutique, an instructional chainmaille supplies company that has shipped 90,000+ orders to customers in all 50 states and more than 40 countries. Her book, CHAINED: Create Gorgeous Jewelry One Ring at a Time, has sold more than 40,000 copies.

Most recently, Rebeca partnered with toy manufacturer Neat-Oh! International to create Linkt Craft Kits, the first line of chainmaille jewelry kits for ages 8 and up. The line received multiple awards in its first year, including Best Toys for Kids and the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award.

Rebeca's micromaille necklace Poseidon's Embrace was a 3rd place winner in the Finished Jewelry category of the international Bead Dreams 2009 competition—marking the first time a chainmaille design was juried into the finals. In 2014 the same necklace won first place in the Jewelry category of the inagural Craftys Awards.  In 2013, her Chainmaille Mandala won People's Choice in the Bead Dreams competition. Rebeca's work has appeared in local and national media including The Huffington Post, Art Jewelry Magazine, The Crafts Report, The Chicago Tribune and The New York Times.

Rebeca teaches chainmaille locally and at a select number of international bead/gem shows and out-of-state crafting shops. She has created many tutorials for making chainmaille jewelry through Blue Buddha Boutique to teach others this craftTogether with the Chicago Craft Mafia, she helped produce Chicago artisan fair The DIY Trunk Show for 6 years, ending in 2014. 

When she is not weaving maille or running the business, Rebeca enjoys powerlifting, cuddling with her cats, learning about cosmology and contemplating fractals.

Artist Statement

jewelry artist rebeca mojica sitting at worktable holding pliers

I didn't choose the historic craft of chainmaille so much as it chose me. I wanted a chainmaille belt, but couldn't find any that I liked. On a whim, I decided to make my own. As soon as started working, I found it refreshingly soothing to link together ring after ring and watch a pattern unfold. When I began making maille, there were no experts around to teach me (and this was before YouTube), so I explored this relatively untapped medium on my own. This gave me the freedom to do whatever I wanted, since I had no idea what I was “supposed” to do.

I turned to the world around me for guidance. Science has always intrigued me; my obsession with fractals, biophysics and cosmology is a constant source of inspiration. I am awed by the fact that our universe is governed by laws that are at once amazingly simple and mindbogglingly complex. In my work, I enjoy highlighting the minimalist elegance of a circle just as much as I enjoy blending bold colors and creating intricate tactile experiences—because I truly appreciate the allure of a variety of aesthetics. I'm fascinated that a single component—a small metal circle—can be put together in so many ways, yielding virtually an infinite number of textures and patterns. 

Chainmaille gives me a voice to express myself. Likewise, I want to inspire people to express themselves through adornment, and I hope these adornments empower individuals to make their own mark upon this fascinating world.

People often tell me, "You must have so much patience." But when you do something you love, patience doesn't even enter the picture. This truly is my passion, my love.