It's important that your jewelry fits properly, so please feel free to ask me all your sizing questions before purchasing if this page doesn't have the information you need.

If you require an unlisted length, or any other adjustments, please submit a request before purchasing so I can verify the modification.

Necklace Sizing - Bracelet Sizing

Necklace Sizing

illustration of female torso and various chain lengths from 16 inches to 36 inches

This illustration shows common necklace lengths. Please use this only as a general guide, as every body shape is different.

Rebeca Mojica jewelry necklaces are measured along the top curve of the necklace. For some statement necklaces, the "bib" part will hang several inches lower than the chain length given.

Most Rebeca Mojica Jewelry necklaces and pendants include an extender or have the option to add one. See individual listing for details.

To determine what length you'd like: If you have a chain that fits perfectly, lie it flat and measure the length from end to end, and use that measurement. Otherwise, wrap a piece of string (or floss - anything thin and flexible enough will do) around your neck, bringing the ends to meet at the desired location. Mark the spot, lay your string flat and measure to determine your preferred length.

If you live outside of the US and use the awesomely logical metric system, here's a handy conversion table:

16 inches  40.6 cm
18 inches 45.7 cm
20 inches 50.8 cm
22 inches 55.9 cm
24 inches 61 cm
26 inches 66 cm
28 inches 71.1 cm
30 inches 76.2 cm
34 inches 86.4 cm
36 inches 91.4 cm


Bracelet Sizing

Using a flexible tailor’s tape, measure the circumference of your wrist right above the wrist bone. (Do not use string or any other type of tape.)

illustration of hand with measuring tape around the wrist


Add the following measurement for breathing room, depending on how you prefer your bracelets to fit:

Snug Fit add 0.25" - 0.5" 0.64 cm - 1.27 cm
Comfort Fit add 0.5” - 1" 1.27 cm - 2.54 cm
Loose Fit add 1" - 1.5" 2.54 cm - 3.81 cm


Reference the range chart below and select your size:

XS 6.25” - 6.75” 15.9 cm - 17.2 cm
S 6.75” - 7.25” 17.2 cm - 18.4 cm
M 7.25” - 7.75” 18.4 cm - 19.7 cm
L 7.75” - 8.25” 19.7 cm - 21 cm
XL 8.25” - 8.75”  21 cm - 22.2 cm
2XL 8.75” - 9.25” 22.2 cm - 23.5 cm

Size M is the most popular size and fits most wrists.

I aim to create bracelets in the middle of each range (e.g., 6.5”, 7”, 7.5”, etc) but depending upon the pattern, the bracelet may slightly shorter or longer, hence the range. Our listings offer sizes S, M, L and XL as those cover the vast majority of wrists. If you require XS or 2XL or any other variations, please contact me with your request.