Rebeca Mojica (and/or her supplies company Blue Buddha Boutique) have appeared in:

logos for media in which RMJ has appeared, including Chicago Reader, QVC, New York Times and Entrepreneur Magazine


Voyage LA

January 2018

Rebeca Mojica in VoyageLA magazine West Hollywood Inspiring Stories



Chicago Reader

July 2015

Two of Rebeca's pieces are featured, and her shop is named "Best Intimidating Jewelry" in the Chicago Reader's annual Best Of awards. (Poseidon's Embrace is shown in the online version and It'll Always Be Sears to Me appears in the print edition).


hicago Reader Best of Chicago 2015 logo with text: Best intimidating jewelry - Blue Buddha Boutique. Rebeca Mojica's intricate Poseidon's Embrace necklace is shown.




The Crafts Report Magazine

July 2014

Rebeca's chainmaille scarf is featured in the Christmas in July section.

 Magazine spread with article headline: Focus "Christmas in July" Wish List. Shown are various products, including Rebeca Mojica's blue and purple chainmaille scarf.



Huffington Post

June 2014

Poseidon's Embrace wins the award for Best Jewelry Making in the first annual Craftys Awards.

micromaille chainmaille necklace in Huff Post. Article headline reads: Amazing DIY -- Winners of the 1014 Craftys Awards


The Crafts Report Magazine

February 2014

Profile in Success: Artistic Evolution
by Stephanie Finnegan

Rebeca Mojica and her work are featured in this 5-page article discussing Rebeca's signature chainmaille style, the beginnings of Blue Buddha Boutique, the chainmaille jewelry industry in general and the opening of Blue Buddha's brick and mortar retail store.


 Article in Crafts Report Magazine: Profile in Success artist Rebeca Mojica and her chainmail jewelry

The Entrepreneur Review

February 2014

Profile of jewelry artist Rebeca Mojica and her company Blue Buddha Boutique.

Screenshot of The Entrepreneur Review website with headline: Rebeca Mojica, The Self-Taught Artist Behind The World's Largest Chainmaille Supplier


The Crafts Report Magazine

December 2013

Rebeca's Celtic Filigree Pendant in stainless steel and bronze appears in the Trends 2014 section.

cover of The Crafts Report magazine with inset image of intricate chainmaille pendant



Bead&Button Magazine

October 2013

 Bead&Button Magazine spread featuring People's Choice award winner for Bead Dreams - colorful chainmaille mandala by Rebeca Mojica


Organic Spa Magazine

September/October 2013

Organic Spa magazine cover with inner page showing gold, red and orange necklace by Rebeca Mojica 

The Huffington Post - Style Section

September 25 2013

Screenshot of Huff Post Style blog post showing anodized aluminum chainmaille jewelry necklace by Rebeca Mojica


The Crafts Report Magazine

May 2012

Crafts Report Magazine article featuring Blue Buddha Boutique in Chicago, IL. Shown is Rebeca Mojica with craft show jewelry booth. Second photo shows a group of 6 people gathered around a table using pliers to create chainmaille



Michigan Avenue Magazine

April/May 2012

Rebeca's jewelry at the Museum of Contemporary Art Gift Shop is mentioned in the article Perfect Presents at Museum Gift Shops

"…Favorites include tabletop items from Jia, jewelry from Chicago's Rebeca Mojica and flatware by famed architect Zaha Hadid."

cover of Michigan Avenue magazine featuring Chicago mayor Rahm Emanual standing with his hands on his hips with downtown skyscrapers behind him


The Crafts Report Magazine

February 2012

Rebeca's Shaggy Scales necklace is shown on the cover.


Crafts Report Magazine cover with headline Wholesale Guide and various images of artisan work showcased in a grid



Copper in the Arts (

February 2012

screenshot of Copper in the Arts website with interview of Rebeca Mojica



December 2011

Screenshots from Refinery29 website with headline 600 Artists (And Your Entire Holiday Shopping List) Under One Roof.  Showcased is Rebeca Mojica's intricate Poseidon's Embrace necklace and a second photo shows Rebeca doing a demonstration at her booth at the One of A Kind Show in Chicago.



November 2011

Screenshot of Events page from RedEye Chicago highlighting the DIY Trunk Show and featuring an image of Rebeca Mojica's scalemaille necklace in gold, orange and red.


Metromix Chicago

November 2011

Screenshot of Metromix Chicago website with headline 30+ Things To Do In November and featuring the Chicago Craft Mafia DIY Trunk Show. Rebeca's Elemental Leaves necklace in gold, red and orange is shown.


Chicago Reader

August 2011

Rebeca's chainmaille mesh ring is featured as part of the Local Wares section. "If a diamond is forever, what does chain mail say?"

Cover of Chicago Reader featuring an illustration of trees in a mesh cage with small birds circling around the cages


Art Jewelry Magazine

July 2011

Rebeca's haute couture piece “Poseidon's Embrace” is featured as part of the gallery section of this issue. 

Cover of Art Jewelry magazine with a large inset showing Rebeca's famous Poseidon's Embrace necklace.

Photo by: Larry Sanders



Metro Mix

December 2010

Rebeca's Poseidon's Embrace necklace was featured at the "One of a Kind" Art & Craft Show at the Merchandise Mart. This item was also the featured art work on the show's signature shopping bags.

screenshot of Metromix Chicago website showcasing micromaille mesh necklace in blue, green, brown and purple by Rebeca Mojica

December 2010

Rebeca Mojica and the Blue Buddha Boutique booth at the "One of a Kind" Art & Craft Show at the Merchandise Mart.

Screenshot from Examiner showing a photo of Rebeca Mojica in her booth at the One of a Kind Show. Caption reads: Paintings, ceramics, jewelry and other art booths filled the 8th floor of the Merchandise Mart. Chicago chain jewelry artisan Rebeca Mojica sells her work but also teaches how to do it. Credit: Jodie Jacobs.


Art Jewelry Magazine

September 2010

Rebeca's “It’ll always be Sears to Me” sculpture was featured in the Beyond Jewelry section of this issue.

Photo of Rebeca Mojica holding up Art Jewelry magazine to the page in which her chainmaille sculpture It'll Always Be Sears To Me is shown.


The Jewelry Connection on

November 2009

Rebeca spoke with Mona Hair and Dr. Gail Devoid and answered listener questions in a 3-part video/radio interview. Rebeca tells how she discovered chainmaille and what inspires her as an artist.

Rebeca Mojica is holding pliers and weaving chainmaille

Three images. First image shows Dr Gail Devoid during the web interview with Rebeca Mojica. Second image shows a handflower being worn. Final image shows a stainless steel necklace of graduated balls on a white neck form.


Art-on TV

October 2009

Rebeca Mojica was a featured artist on Art-onTV this fall. During the interview, she talks about how she got started in chainmaille and shows off some of her fancier pieces, like the Sears Tower sculpture and the micromaille necklace Poseidon's Embrace.

screenshot of Art onTV website showcasing Rebeca's interview.

Three screenshots from Rebeca's interview on Art on TV. In two images, Rebeca is showing her Sears Tower image to the interviewer, and in one image Rebeca is speaking and gesturing.


Chicago Tribune

August 2007

Article from Chicago Tribune titled The Craft Mafia: These do-it-yourselfers have a secret: It's better to work together. Photos of 3 members of the Mafia are shown, including one of Rebeca Mojica holding a chainmaille scarf over the bottom part of her face.

The Craft Mafia: These do-it-yourselfers have a secret: It's better to work together
by Becky Schlikerman
photos by Heather Stone
The craft scene is exploding in Chicago, and this article describes how the Chicago Craft Mafia (part of the national Craft Mafia) and the Renegrade Craft Fair are supporting the new generation of local crafters and helping define the industry.

At the top of the article is Blue Buddha Boutique founder Rebeca Mojica with her black chainmaille scarf.