20 Dec 2022

Updated version with flush bottom font.


  • Cropped as tightly as shown here = about 5.5" x 23" 
  • approx 4,950 links
  • $1120 - price difference from below is due to closer cropping (so depending on how much black border you want, the price will be adjusted)

9 Dec 2022

Here's a partial mockup. I used Metal Lord font but later noticed it doesn't 100% match your font (baseline is flush on yours) - just ignore that for now. Basically the point was just for me to get a sense of scale and give us a starting point.

  • total dimensions are about 6.5"x 23" 
  • approx 6,500 rings
    • ring size is 18 SWG (1.2mm thick) 5/32" inner diameter
  • colors: hot pink, shiny silver (or matte white), black - we can talk more about colors if you decide to move forward with project; colors are the easy part to change
  • turnaround time 5-8 wks (I would need to confirm supplies availability first. The supply chain has been really F-ed these past couple years) 

Something this size would be $1450

To get a better sense of what the sizing is, here is a logo I did for Constant Contact using the same link size. This is about 5.5" x 5.5" - the mockup above is about 1" taller and much longer


For display purposes, I can put a line of larger rings at the top, which allows you to thread a metal rod through them, and can then hang it from hooks - that's what I did with the rose piece:

But if you have other ideas about displaying, let me know.


OK, so that's a starting point. A couple things to keep in mind for ring size/pricing:

  • The piece could be made a little smaller without losing detail; I wouldn't recommend going smaller than about 5"x 18" though. Price would go down depending on how much we shrink
  • I could also use a larger link size in order to make the entire piece bigger, pricing would go up slightly - I'd have to do a little research to make sure there's a link size in 16 SWG (1.6 mm) that is the same aspect ratio as this, and comes in color
  • And of course, the entire piece could be made bigger using the same link size; pricing would scale up depending on how much bigger (basically it winds up being about 22 cents per ring)


Chew on it and lemmie know what ya think!